Confidentially to Seattle…


Do you remember where you were the first time you heard “Smells like Teen Spirit?”

How about, where were you when you heard that Kurt Cobain had killed himself?

do you remember when Kube 93 stopped playing hip hop and started playing grunge!? 4 non blondes anyone? I can honestly say it was the worst period of my life.

Or when MTV did the new year eve party down at Peir 27?

Coffee at Baushaus… fried gator at the Bite…Elephant ears at the Puyallup.

The Real World Seattle and the slap heard around the world.

Fish throwing men …fresh fruit…and flowers.

one word: IVARS. nothing in Los Angeles compares…at all. Not even close.

I still have the need to wear jeans in the summer.

Tokin in Da’ Village…who knew that you weren’t really supposed to smoke that much in one sitting…for weeks at a time.

The Pink Zone….girl 4 girl…sex with gay men…raves…bunk e…email wars…working in purchasing and the one card office (the same evil boss)….SCOTT, the gayest man on the face earth. I know its not even in any kind of chronological order, but the names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent.

jammin jesuits. nough said.

Sylva’s date with Nate….two words: Dog shit…(I guess the names weren’t changed to protect anyone.)

Whatever happend to Tomas? Is he still in NY selling encyclopedias and college text books?

Murrays….on a Pacific Islander! Black hair care products never looked so good.

Late night screenings of Elimidate seattle. PSYCHO!

Dido..Thank You…before Stan.

That group with the summer song about the Pussy that wasn’t. (German band?)

Run lola Run. Still haven’t seen it.
And never to be forgotten….new years eve in the San Juan Islands. Yummy Yummy Yummy.

I miss you. We’ve done everything fun in Seattle… get your ass down to los Angeles. This place is huge without you.


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  1. I can’t remember where I was when Kurty died, but i do remember where I was when I heard 2pac died… listenin to KUBE.
    when did KUBE play grunge? and what the hell were you doin’ listening to it.
    why haven’t you seen Run Lola Run yet. I’m very upset. lie to me damn it…lie to me.
    Leela James has become this years Dido. Much like Ms. Keys was the joint when I lived in the Greenlake house (waay before she got popular).
    Lord of Acid’s “Pussy” is still a classic

    Do you remember?:

    Nate and all his crazy sex questions for Alex? The book of “IF”?

    When we thought that boy was going to be our roommate?

    All the food we would consume at Da Village?

    Tanisha? Tamika? Val? Iman? Sharlamar?

    Dabola(sp?) fuckin up “American History X” by askin all them damn questions?

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