John Donne


Strangest thing happened last night. I was prepping for the Scarlet Letter (its going pretty well, I’m psyched) and I needed to get some info about the Puritanical society, so I asked Ben who was online. I don’t know how Ben has never read the Scarlet Letter…shit, maybe he was just fucking with me…but he directed all of my questions to his friend Chris, who was also on line. Yeah, so after a while, he was like “He’s online you can ask him” so I did…and therein began a fucking marathon conversation about everything puritanical society to john donne to art and jazz…and star trek. Its the second time in two weeks that I’ve been reminded that I have this mind that is seriously still in love with literature and all things artistic. It stirs things in me that I totally forgot I was interested in, and now can cultivate as interests that I have in Los Angeles. I get so much into work that I’m losing sense of time and space. Well not really being that I still have a great time. I’ve always considered “interests” to be things that you physically do with other people…so it was fun to be reminded of it. I didn’t get to bed until 4. But I got good music from both him and Ben so it was well worth it.

there was a great party yesterday afternoon, where I got to meet KJ’s fiancee and got to see the amazing hills of glendale. Oh man do I want to teach in that school district. I can just imagine the things they’re doing in special ed….i bet they have books, though that i wouldn’t put too much money on that bet. gettin ready for mass.


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