What is the symbolism behind the tortouise?


The Stranger: the tortoise is the part of us that wants to reject change, move slowly, stay in our shells but like anything that hunts the tortoise we have parts of ourselves that need to tear that apart that’s the struggle that we all go through most of our lives
beautyjunkie23: i knew you’d know.
The Stranger: what we see as the’ inner’ us that we keep hidden and ignoring what is the other inner us the thing that needs to break it. nietzsche said that we need to smash idols with a hammer
beautyjunkie23: should we smash the turtles?
The Stranger: we idolize ourselves with this meek demeanor. the question is why should we smash turtles?what is doing the smashing? what are we using?
you’re either the anvil or the hammer goethe said. so are you the turtle or the hammer that’s about to smash it?
beautyjunkie23: i wonder
The Stranger: or do you realize that the hammer can’t survive without the toirtoise so you can’t smash it or else the hammer would cease to exist. it’d be like plucking your eyes out to see what your eyes look like. not possible. was that pretentious and wordy enough? i can shovel this crap out by the ton.

This is Chris….he doesn’t even get a nickname…wait, I think I’ll just call him “The stranger” because that is our relationship to each other. We don’t even know each other, but I am amused by the bullshit he can droll out and it makes me laugh. I just like to hear what people has to say, and it sounds so …i don’t know.


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