Your mission should you accept it…


I’ve decided to put myself on a 60 dollar a week budget. As in I can only spend 60 dollars total in a week: food and entertainment included. It originally started at 75 dollars a week, but I automatically deducted 15 bucks a week for gas. I talked to my mom, we think it can be done if I stick to the necessities. i told her about how I haven’t been in the mood to eat for almost a month now, which means I also haven’t been in the mood to cook…both of which are affecting my metabolism, which is probably why I am so tired all the time. She convinced me to go buy some frozen dinners and have those, becuase I need to eat. Have you ever seen the Bacardi and Cola commercials? So dirty, so amusing. I also got these Weight Smart vitamins that have all the vitamins i’m missing in my diet of yogurt, random sandwich, even more random dinner, and water diet. Hell, at least I’m well hydrated, being that I can’t make it through a day without water. Frozen Dinners are always on sale somewhere, this week it was vons. I’m stocked up for five days of dinner…telling myself that I need to cook at least twice a week. God, I hope this helps because this is really killing me.


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