So last week I pointed out to my friend Karla how Mols always points out how skinny people are (she’s a bit fixated on how skinny they are compared to her because its like she’s focussing on her inferiorities when really she should just give it up because she’s got a totally cute little body…and doesn’t look 12.) I realized that I am constantly pointing out how FAT people are. For instance….ANNA NICOLE SMITH. OMIGOD, she was like the size of a billboard. Okay, and its not all people, its just a handful of celebrities who are always making a mockery of themselves in one way or another and have also let themselves go. Please note: ANS does not look better now that she lost all that weight. She would have looked fine at a size 10-14 and with a breast reduction, because those things just make her look fat. She just looks ridiculous. Do something with yourself.


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  1. From the lips of Courtney Love:

    “I was really, really thin because of [the drugs] I was doing. When all these little teenyboppers finally go into rehab, they’re going to get fat, too.”

    Word, sister.

  2. I’d like to note that even when courtney love was on drugs she was fat. Okay, fatter then she certainly was when she was doing the Harry Flynt movie, her “clean” period. Maybe she looked thinner during the Harry Flynt period because a) she went to the gym b) she took a shower c) she combed her hair and d)she was wearing versace. But who among us doesn’t look better wearing versace? Oh…and now that she’s back on drugs…looks terrible. And fat.

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