Jennifer and Kathy


Jennifer Aniston’s interview in Vanity Fair is so good. Nothing too juicy, but she really is a darling. I wish her the best. Kathy Griffin looks like a transvestite…and therefore explains why all her friends are gay (as she states on her tv show). And because the gays rock. But she still looks like a transvestite. With an amazing ass for a woman with such tiny body. I’m taking tomorrow off to go to the district so that I can go sign my contract, and turn in my university credits for a raise! What what! Keep your fingers crossed.

And I’m going to the “beach” and by “beach” I mean LMU to represent special ed in the corp member induction. Because someone needs to warn these bitches that they are areally about to do twice as much work in the classroom and at LMU in order to get this thankless, yet amazing, job. Thankfully LMU came through with a grant to subsidize the cost of the Special Ed master’s degree (which used to cost like 5000 bucks more then the general ed masters, plus the cost of the GRE that no one else has to take unless they are in the special ed cohort, and the cost of the RICA which general ed secondary teachers do not have to take but ALL special ed teachers have to take even if they teach high school) so now things are even….we will now pay the same amount as the the general ed peeps. Yeah…now, hmmmm….lets see if they can get our degree clad embedded so that I can keep my job…or it will still mean that I need to go take yet another test or class. I SWEAR TO GOD! this is the serious reason there is a shortage of special ed teachers in this world. All the fucking hoops that need to be jumped through so that you can actually have a really hard job with a really tough group of kids who may or may not end up loving you. Christ. I may end up long term subbing for the same kids this year who have impressively chilled the fuck out because they got rid of the kids who bug. I would long term subbing during the months of November and December, simply because its not like I can go anywhere. I still have university class through december. I can’t wait until next spring when I graduate. I want to take a trip to Chicago or Philly. Maybe even visit Aurora in DC. That would rock. I still need to buy my plane tickets home for October. I’m gonna check southwest to see if I can get two cheap tickets…to and from seattle. While I’m there I have a few people I really want to visit (re: Shals, Dia, and Chris….and but of course ERIK!)


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