Margarita Fridays


I love it when people say that I read so well in spanish…or that I have a good accent when I read in spanish. All those years taking spanish were apparently well spent! Mexico here i come. Tonight was maragrita friday with KJ…meaning, dinner of nachos, guacomole, and the strongest margaritas either of us have ever had (we each only had one.) we avoided our usual spot because the last time we were there her secret boyfriend tried to kiss her. granted, she supposedly used to flirt with him, but it was only good service and never touching or talking. she’s engaged, and his advances were seriously unwanted. so unwanted that we decided to forego our usual spot for the spot down the road….NEVER AGAIN. unwanted kiss or not, we’re headed back to the other place where we can get subersively drunk off of many margaritas not just one. I was kinda scared driving home, I have so much alcohol in me. But as soon as i get through the door there was goo d music on vh1 and csi on spike. three hours worth. I LOVE FRIDAYS. i even called mols earlier to confirm that she will not be home until tomorrow…at which time i will be gone. we made plans for tomorrow night for cinema under the stars with her and alex. they hve it in a necropolis in hollywood, and are playing hitchcock…which i love. anyone is invited to come along. I decided last night that I am going to teach for the next five, seven years. there are two different debt forgiveness programs that will get rid of my loans taht i can apply for simultanaeously and have them eat away at my debt. thank god. And, I must admit, I do love this job. It works well for me. its good fit. lets see if i can say the same thing next year.


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