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HIP HOP DISCRIMINATES AGAINST GAYS! Um…..thanks Kanye for that shocking peice of news that wasn’t so blantantly obvious. I don’t know what I just stumbled across but Kanye west was recalling how growing up he was trying to find the most masculine role models and in turn became really homophobic until he found outhis cousin was gay and then he realized that he was discriminating against his cousin and didn’t think that was right so he stopped discriminating against gay people. then he goes on to say that what his happening in hip hop is the same as people racially discriminating against black people. Then he ends the peice by putting the hip hop community on blast and telling them to knock that bull shit out. Fucking stop being homophobic.

And all I have to say is: well, shit. If that helps people stop being so fucking stupid and starts building a little tolerance in any part of the world, then FUCKING GREAT! Because we all know that some fools don’t do shit until they hear it on tv. And some fools don’t do shit until they hear it from someone in hip hop.

of course some fools will go on to discredit Kanye by saying he is gay and therefore not even noticing their own homophobia…because they’re an idiot. I hate people. But I love people…because there is so much potential for greatness in this vast wasteland of beating hearts and reeling minds waiting for a leader but unwilling to be led. sheeps in cement shoes.


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  1. Well Kanye did tell me (via The Workout Plan):
    “That’s right put in work
    Move your ass, go bezerk
    Eat your salad, no dessert
    Get that man you deserve”

    Plus, without him I would’ve never known that “jesus walks”

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