Wedding Season: round one


Wedding season has officially kicked off in that as of this afternoon Angelina Palos became Angelina Alvarado. Her and sergio had a beautiful and festive back yard wedding at her grandma’s house in Whittier. Last night I went to dinner with her and her sisters-in-law, and so today I got to hang out with sergio’s family during the reception. I’ve apparently hit it off with their family and so angie said that they’ll save the youngest son for me…who is 14. Ha! Erik’s wedding is next weekend in Michigan, his reception in Seattle is at the end of october. I got an email from Jen Kaufman (nee Altmiller) that her wedding season began at the beginning of the summer with the wedding of her twin sister, Amy, to her high school sweet heart, Kevin. So officially the entirety of one group of friends (the straight friends) in seattle are married. Jeannie, and Deanna, and Jen did it right away, Katrina later, and last Amy. Christ. I hate having missed Deanna’s, Jeannie’s, and Jen’s weddings two years ago in favor of moving to Los Angeles for TFA. Argh, but breathe. Jen is going to snapfish me the pictures of Amy’s wedding. Thank God that the Gays (Alex and Shals, and well those who shall remain nameless) can’t yet get married because i can’t afford any more gifts or flights home. But note, shals, if you’re planning anything I’ll be up for a weekend in October, and that would be mighty convenient. So here is the rundown for wedding season 2005:

August 20th Angie’s and Sergio’s wedding in Whittier
October 7th Karla’s bacherlorette party in Vegas
October 22nd Erik’s wedding reception in SEattle
November 11th Karla’s wedding in Burbank

I like the Backyard wedding approach. It was a ton of fun. It was catered by a taco truck. Fucking perfect. There were 5 different chocolate coated ice cream cakes from cold stone. Awesome. And it was the grandparents 54th anniversary, news of which did not make the grandmother happy at all. She was so upset about the public display and outburst, that she would not even give her husband a kiss. And when he started to serenade her in spanish she hit the microphone with a water bottle. Hilarious.

I’ve rented movies for the night. I got to Blockbuster just in time to snag the last copy of sin city away from this group of girls that had apparently put the movie on hold but apparently the blockbuster in alhambra doesn’t abide by such policies. I’m gonna lay out and watch movies until my stomach stops hurting from being stuffed with mexican food.


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