An age old question


Who is more talented: The one who randomly breaks out in a dance routine….OR….the people around her that pick up the moves and join along in perfect sync? You be the judge.

So you know how I have an entertainment and living budget….well why did i just spend the entire food portion of it on two pairs of the HOTTEST boots payless has ever sold? they’re suede, one pair is chocolate, the other pair is black. We swear though that the black pair is actually chocolate and the chocolate pair is actually a dark burnt sienna. Who cares. I have the cutest shoes in the world. I certainly did not need a fucking ugly pair of loafers—the shoes i returned– but desperately needed a fucking pair of boots or two! HOT! Thank God on Tuesday Karla’s mom cooked me dinner, monday i cooked enchiladas for myself, sunday i had a frozen dinner left over from last week, and on sunday angie fed me at her wedding. So in all, i’ve still remained well within my budget, gone out several times, and even rented three movies—that if i don’t return soon (re: tomorrow) i will soon be owning.

Mailed in the last of the two payments for our uniforms for flags. in 4 days i will be the proud owner of a franklin high sweat suit that is HOT! embroidered, and fits perfectly. I get this great jacket to wear during the freezing cold night practicie and parade season.

Have you ever seen “So you think you can dance?” What a cute show. I love dance. Its so cool and expressive. Especially when hot guys are dancing without their shirts on. Granted, they are gay guys, but that doesn’t make them any less hot. And patrick swayze is a dancer. And we all loved Dirty Dancing. Yum.


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