hot….it is soooo fucking hot. christ. so i’ve decided to return both pairs of boots….cuz damn those fuckers hurt my feet, and the stupid sales girl didn’t even take the security tag off the brown pair. i’m going to lbc today for corey’s birthday and while we’re there we’re going to get me a pair of rainbows…leather flip flops. i’ll officially be “in” being that everyone in 4620 has a pair. last night was esther and jeremy’s housewarming party. it was really fun. i got to meet her new girlfriend who really is great. i hope she’s great with esther all the time. esther says she feels something that she has never felt before with this girl. that’s awesome.

so there is this old girl i know from college who married my exboyfriend’s bestfriend during my senior year of college….her profile says she’s single now. i just wonder if she did that on purpose becuase they got a divorce or if she didn’t change it in her setting. i just developed photos from her wedding. i should send them to her. no. ijust want the chisme.


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