the heat chronicles


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….it was so hot last night that i didn’t get to bed unitl 5 am …when it was still really fucking hot. It was so hot that I woke up at noon to find .the roommate was at target by two new fans. When she got home we decided to hit the energy saver button on the window fan we have and officially start air conditioning our house. We’ve been in denial that we have an a/c but now have relented. and have no plan to leave our house until well…absolutely fucking necessary. I got my new sandals yesterday. Brown Leather. 48 bucks. I just dunked my feet (thanks mags) in some cold water (awww) so that i can break them in. These fuckers are going to dry out so quickly because its sooo hot. but i did get all of my grading done last night when i was up really late. and there is a monk marathon on. Yes! Corey is 26. He’s so cool. We had a really great time at his birthday party last night. And i start school on thursday so this will all be soooo interesting. did i tell you there is an episode of monk on?

a few months a go mags and i went shopping to get her some new moisturizer because her skin was drying out. We hit up clinique and got this great moisturizer, super defense. Its roughly 50 bucks a jar. I got my first jar when we went to vegas about two months ago. a few days ago i was thinking to myself, i should just by the 14 dollar aveeno moisturizer. its got sunscreen in it also, it might be just as good. But this afternoon after i washed my hair, applied some acne treatment, i also put on my superdefense moisturizer…and my skin feels fucking amazing. i haven’t even been outside, but in all this heat, my face is the only part of my body that feels rather calm and not icky. so i will definitely be buying my second fifty dollar bar of moisturizer as soon as this one runs out. because it is really nice to not feel icky at least somewhere.

in another note…my shoes dried out in rapid time but still feel might cool when i take a step. awwwww.


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