low carb living and breyers


so…this is the question i just asked angella and need an answer for:

can i go low carb and still eat natural ice cream….like if i’m seriously deligent in all other areas of my life is it possible?

second question:
when was the last time i was delligent about anything? except my love for meat?

third question:
do you think some cops (or people) use pepper spray to flavor their meat in a dire state? Like some really backward-ass people?

So um….yeah, that prison break show is going to go like this, if it doesn’t get cancelled:

season one: brothers break out of jail (one brother is falsely imprisoned)
season two: brothers run from the law while they try to prove that brother didn’t kill anyone OR while they run from the law and the people who framed brother….

this could work…except, brother is supposed be executed in like 3 weeks…hmmmmmmm…show time, not real time….so shit, that could be in next weeks episode or four months from now.

has anyone seen the commercial for GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN? GOD….he is sooo cute. shit.


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