in race we lust


vh1 is showing another ego trippin show called in race we lust, and its hilarious. because race is funny especially when its true. like the progression of halle berry’s career. early in her career her male counterparts are like eddie murphy, damon wayans, and other black men. But as she got more sucessful her male couterparts became white….so white that they became billy bob thorton. so heres the question of the second: who is more latin—cameron diaz or christina aguilera? (x-tina)

So, remember when halle did Monster’s ball, and how all the black and brown people i know were infuriated at the time. It was so nasty! so nasty.

ego trippin is just putting everyone on blast about their interracial dating conceptions: stereotypes, preferences. For example, how white men will try to pick up black women by asking “so, do you date white guys?” Well, not now. or ideas about Asian women being submissive and how that has created a fetish in men. Wesley Snipes and how he is only into Asian Women (he actually said in an interview that he would no longer date black women….i kid you not, i read the interview) and how the asian man never gets the girl in the movie. Sad. Because i would give an asian guy some loving. HOT! there is a new TFA-er at our school who is tall, Asian, and smart. hmmmm….he works with me, he works with me, stop stop stop. Good thing he doesn’t look Kouching. god damn.

who is more chinese: tyson beckford or naomi campbell? didn’t even know that naomi was chinese—1/8 chinese apparently. tyson won that one.

my mom is the best….she asks me occasionally “these guys know your black right?” about guys i would meet on eharmony. yes, mom. heh eh he…she just gets concerned for my safety.

ohh hhh the tragic mulatto…..i thnk i’m gonna crap my pants laughing. and now i made my house all hot and sticky from grilling chicken for my LBGA diet. yes!


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