inspired by crazy people


Mags noted in her blog about crazy anti abortionist are saying that Hurricane Katrina looks like a 6 month old fetus….and that it is the rath of God as punishment for abortion. Here are my thoughts on that one:

did ever you notice how hurricans only occur in states that once were slave holding states? or states that have the highest concentration of anti-abortion, evangelistic folk? Or states with the highest concentration of bush voters? I’d say that was the rath of God. did you know that in those southern states you need your parents consent to get birth control at the age of 16 but can get an abortion without parental consent? hmmmmmmmmm…..i’m likely to think that more unspoken about abortions happen south of the mason dixon line then anywhere in the country. backwards ass folks. Speaking of the rath of God, nothing looks like poverty until you see it in the south. I mean shit, that place has not bounced back from slavery. AT least where poor black people are concerned. Did you ever notice that those who are suffering the most damage are those with a wide array of material possessions? because when you don’t have anything, you have nothing to lose. people are crazy. especially people who suck.


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