Straight out of Kansas and other thoughts


How dare any body from Kansas or the midwest ever say that Compton or Brooklyn are GHETTO….this is by far the ghettoeist thing I have ever seen.

Mags posted her thoughts on whats happening in this backwards ass state of Kansas…its an NYTIMES articles and you should check out her blog for the link. I’ve now prepared the “better” parts of the article.

Rape Charge Follows Marriage to a 14-Year-Old

(Mr. Koso )…is charged with statutory rape, even though they were wed with their parents’ blessing in May, crossing into Kansas because their own state prohibits marriages of people under 17. (What the fuck kind of parents are these!)

The Nebraska attorney general accuses Mr. Koso of being a pedophile; they say it is true love. (Oh if I had a dollar every time I heard that one!)

For now, Mr. Koso, out on $5,000 bond, sits in the basement of his parents’ home, where the walls are papered with the pink-and-purple, heart-filled love notes that his wife, a ninth-grader, scribbled on notebook paper in class. (Yeah, um, can you see where her academic future is going? Pay attention in class dumb ass.)

Matthew and Crystal met when she was 8, and he played video games with her half-brother. Mr. Koso, who was in special education classes for attention deficit disorder and other learning problems, graduated from high school in 2001 and joined the Marine Corps, but left after four months on a medical discharge. (this is the saddest part of the article….because he was like one of my kids….is this what their future holds?)

The two became a couple, according to Crystal’s “Happy Anniversary” drawing on the wall, on Sept. 17, 2003. She was 12 and he 20. (

On May 3, after consulting with a lawyer, they were married in a judge’s chambers 18 miles away in Hiawatha, Kan., both in jeans, she carrying pink carnations, he with a matching boutonniere. (this is the second worse part of this ordeal…who lets their kid carry carnations on their wedding day!!!! Carnations smell like death!)

Mr. Bruning said he was shocked that more than 80 percent of the 250 people – most from outside Nebraska – who had contacted his office opposed the prosecution. (people are retarded!)

Ron Prichard, who works at the railroad and has a 12-year-old daughter, said Matthew and Crystal would not be parents today “if her parents were being parents.” (A-fucking-men)

The families hope that Mr. Koso is placed on probation instead of being sentenced to prison so he can keep his $9.27 an hour job loading trucks.
Maybe a year from now, the couple says, they will be able to afford their own place. Crystal, who is good at math, said that she had no interest in college, but that she would finish high school and perhaps become a nurse. They plan to have two more children. (DUMBASSES— bet you 10 bucks all three of her kids get pregnant in middle school.)

“But later on,” said Crystal, who says her favorite part of motherhood thus far is when Samara is asleep. “Much later on.” (10 bucks says they “accidentally” kill their kid or it gets taken away from them due to neglect…becuase sleep doesn’t last nearly as long as motherhood.)

Why do people have babies…..why can’t they just get it through their head that thier lives will be so much better because they are not destroying the life of a child? I’m sure there are at least 3500 white parents who want a healthy white child…cuz God knows they don’t want a healthy colored child or a disabled child. In the new Newsweek (that has an awesome article about spirituality in it) the “My turn” is written by an 11th grader whose parents are foster parents. The meat of the article is addressing the constant question of “how many brothers and sisters do you have?” which if she answers trutfully will lead to a thousand other questions, one of which is like “well, what happened to that kid’s parents?” She declares that she doesn’t tell these stories because they’re too difficult for her clasmates to understand…and they are tragically heartbreaking stories…stories that remind you that children should be cherished and that some people are certainly unable to do that.

Soooooo… goal is to leave Franklin by the end of this year or the end of next year. Tooo many amazing people have left Franklin, and I’ve heard from on high— people who really know—that franklin is sinking like a burning ship. when amazing teachers start to jump ship, then I know its time for me to leave as well. Craig Kapusinki got a job teaching high school in Torrance. A really good school. I’m doing really great things at Franklin. I think they will shine through when I go to get a job somewhere else. I may stay onto see my kids graduate next year but I won’t stay past that. Shals moves out here next year, it will be a great year for change.

I can’t wait for her to get her ass out here. she better come. Alex is making a huge change in his life…(confidential to Alex via Shals: I called Gabe and left him a message on his phone….tell him I love him). Sylva is moving to the Dominican Republic for a month. Becca is making great strides in industrial pyscology (her and her boyfriend are going to become millionaires)…and everyone else is married. hmph. I love this time in our lives where change and adventure are readily possible.


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