alex full of grace


This is not a blog entry about Bean, Alex silver, or Alex guevara….its about the only boyfriend who has directly called Mols out on her “allergy” to alcohol So did her friend Megan, the med student. I couldn’t help laughing…or at least trying to suppress my laugh because i thought that it was fucking hilarious. Its like everyweekend someone else tries to remind her that her allergy is ludacris, and that she should say that she doesn’t like alcohol…which she declares that she does in fact say that…which she doesn’t, or at least I’ve never heard her say. Alex was really persistent about just pushing the ludacrisy of this point, as was Megan, until Mols broke and noted that she will in fact drink Jack and Coke…and is allergic to beer, wine, and champagne. Which Alex was going to continue pushing the point, but decided it was in his favor to stop…actually it go to the point where I couldn’t stifle my laughter any more and begged them to “LEAVE HER ALONE!” hilarious. hilarious. hilarous. She’s funny. For her faults I think its gonna be funny to live with her. It will make the transition to living with Shalimar fun as well, so that I don’t need to find a third place to live.

I love the movie Hope Floats. It really shows how dads disappoint their kids..he just fucking rejects his daughter for this new bitch…how can you just drive away from your crying daughter. I’m never having kids. The sound of children crying in agony is so fucking heart breaking. The sound of children crying in annoyance is annoying. Just the idea of breaking a child’s heart kills me. How can parents do such things to their children? that is not cool at all.


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