the girl can’t help it


the new apartment looks great. we went and filled out the lease application. it would be so much better if we had $500 dollars to put down as a security deposit to hold the place. whateves. we’ll bring a money order on friday and get the place. it is five minutes closer to school, has an amazing view of the city. I get the room with two closets and the view of the city. we’re gonna use the second closet in my room as a storage closet for the stuff we have in the back…I’m gonna get rid of a bunch of my stuff in storage and the things I’ve been meaning to move out of here anyway.

My stomach is controlled by butterflies. I can’t help but think about this great oppurtunity. I can’t help but think about Bean. Or…I may just feel seriously sick. the thought of bean makes my stomach twist and turn. i’m almost getting back to normal. I just keep thinking homework, grades, school, homework, grades, school….occassionally mols will say “bean”….and then i’m just gone. Ilike him alot. I’m glad I’m having these feelings. it gives me a standard to set every other guy. He is It for me…and that makes me so happy.

Wierd thing about this no cable situation is that we’re getting a few cable channels: disney, oxygen, espn classics, and fx…so I can very well watch Nip/Tuck…but I can’t watch kitchen confidential on fox. it just means we’re gonna have to be creative. thank god we can still watch csi on cbs on thursday…oh wait..i’m at school that night.

This is a sad morning…on most of those few channels their reviewing the events of september 11th. I’m going to church this morning to just get my head around my place in this world. in everyone’s life time there is an event that occurs that makes tehm stop and think about who they are and what they can do. And how blessed we are to still be of abled bodied and mind.

i like sundays…

i’m proud to say that my life is on schedule for those personal events and goals that i had set for myself senior year of college. I’m goig to meet with a woman from the church tomorrow to see how to go about becomming a member. I really like the parrish, and the preists. I remember spring of my senior year telling my friend courtney that i would wait to join a church until i was settled in los angeles…and that I would invite her out during easter to celebrate. I may just put off the celebration until graduation when i know my mom is coming out. i’m excited to be expanding my family and friends. There are friends at work who are also excited for me as well. and when we get married, we’ll have a place to do so.


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