its about 11 on thursday night. i have to prep for school tomorrow because i’m being observed in two classes in a row. buti couldn’t keep this to myself:

we’re eating lunch, and doing our normal casual conversation, casual flirt thing. And he begins to say a few lines of song in spanish, but stops himself. And me and a student, judith, were like “what are you singing? keep in going.” and he says something back about it being a song that he doesn’t want to sing because its content and meaning…and something else about not singing, and blah blah blah…and so we do this whole banter back and forth. Me and Judith drop the matter and a few seconds later, he’s singing two verses of this song in Spanish. I can’t help but smile. I lean over to Judith and whisper “what did he say?” she doesn’t know. He asks me a moment later “have youi ever had anyone seranade you?” my response “I thought I just did.” his response “oh.” and a nod. I told him about my letter that I wrote to myself from teh “future” for a class, and how I plan at age 34 to own a house in Rosarito, Mexico. He explains how I can’t own a house in Mexico because I’m not a mexican citizen. I look at him, and then Judith and say, “well, who says the person I end up with won’t be a mexican citizen” (he was born in TJ and grew up in the US. Got his papers when he was like 15.) He blushes. I can’t look at him. We make a joke about me marrying KJ. I tell Judith that I’m gonna buy this house when I’m 34. He says “me too.” (he’s 31). I explain that I’ll be 34 in ten years, he’ll be 34 much sooner. He says that we have to wait until we’re 34. We have a conversation about how we’re the only normal people in our families. we share a laugh and he says ‘Come on Crodg, lets go procreate.” i just about die. Mols predicts that there will be touching tomorrow. I would totally chalk this up to fun and games, but damn, he shouldn’t respond so well. He should initiate this. I’m ont gonna hold my breath but damn…why do we have to work together.


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  1. Is there another game tonight? OOOOHHH HELL NAW…. yall about to get your drink on! So yes, there will be some touching.
    I just got done seeing Grambling University’s marching band perform at the Seattle Center. All I can say is Drum line!

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