fairfax 2, franklin 0, 1 sprained ankle


so i bought my powerbook today…and in the process of securly taking it from my car to my classroom (where I locked it in a closet where I am the only key holder— believe me, i’ve tried to get other copies of they key because i locked it in the closet, NO ONE HAS A COPY) anyway, I locked my car keys in the car. I didn’t have time to drop my laptops off at home so i’m very happy that they were at least safe in the school then in my trunk. that fucker was expensive…well at least with all the additional things I got with it (i got the super combo drive—dvd RW/CD rw, 512 SDRAM, 80G hardrive, office for macs, 3 years extended warranty, slim case so I can slide the pretty pretty powerbook into my large purse.)

so…I actually enjoyed tonight’s game thanks to bean. we stood around and talked even though his team lost—as did the varsity team. he volunteered to take me to Mols’ boyfriend’s house were mols was waiting with my spare keys. i thought he’d be in a sour mood because i got there just as the jv team lost 40 to 7 (fairfax kicks our ass—thank god its preseason. even the coaches said we had no reason to play them…varsity lost by only 3 points though). I see him crossing the feild and we nod—my girls are getting set up, his boys have to take care of business with a huddle and conference. I wait until the varsity game starts to go and talk to him. he agrees to take me to mols’ without hesitaiton..he is the nicest person ever. He gives me a huge and the side kiss, where your cheeks and the edge of your mouth meet. He thanks me for coming to his game…he’d been on the other side of the feild anyway, and they get so engrossed in the game, that he wouldn’t have known the difference anyway. we flirt for the better part of the game,–he demonstrates his hand skills by massaging my back– which was only stopped when one of my girls sprained her ankle. At that point I became the audobon under which she elevated her foot while we waited for her parents. ohhh thank God they came just as the game ended because really, i would have hated to stay there for any longer. there was no drinking tonight…sam got caught up at the bar around the corner which turned out to benefit me being that i had to sit with this crying child who was in excrutiating pain. poor babe. his truck is fucking huge!! just huge. we decided that instead of getting drinks we’d get a burger. picked up the keys from mols—where we squealed because we are moving into a new place. As we drove away, i apologized for squealing in his ear. He said, don’t worry I’ve been through worse. You haven’t seen my ex-girlfriend.” then he told me about her. stupid. it was funny because we seriously spent the better part of the entire evening actually talking to each other..no drinks, no school children, no interloping friends, just talking. He bought me dinner at tommy’s. he offered to get me into the school to get my laptops even though we both know the school is equipped with silent alarms. he is sooo nice and cool. I told him his exgirlfriend lost out because he is awesome. i like that i can say that without feeling all nervous. its true. we’ve sad enough things to each other that would cause us to blush that it didn’t matter. earlier in the evening i told him how i started my college career pre med, majoring in biochemistry. he said something about how i could play doctor with him and examine him all over. i told him i would. we just fart around and make each other laugh. i like him. he’s funny.

i’m too exhausted though to go join the coaches at carmines. i had two class periods observed today, both of which went well. i didn’t sleep much last night, so i was exhausted. i just need to rest. and enjoy the fact that we are feeling normal, and both beginning to know each other.


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