Fucking T-mobile hotspot is genius!!!! I ordered it for my mom actually so that she can use the laptop i’m sending her in starbucks. but since i also have the same information, I can use it as well. so i’m at starbucks doing the very seattle/la thing of being on my laptop, while on my cell phone, and sipping a passion tea lemonade. SWEET!

Instead of actually taking notes while reading, i chose to type out the summaries of the chapters in this 100 buck book that I should buy for my class. HA! the subject matter is totally interesting the price of the book is not.

Update on the BEAN Fest….did anyone else but me notice the irony that He’s latino and I refer to him as Bean? Hmmmmmmm…I just noticed that right now. I only call him Bean because his last name is Portugese derived from the word Fava…as in Fava Bean. Its one of the first things he ever told me about himself. so advice from the front line is for me to play it like we’ve been playing it. don’t rush anything. If something is going to happen it will. And what is happening so far is flirt flest 2005. HOLY Shit. KJ actually called us out on in during lunch. She said, “I’m gonna go to the bathroom and just leave you two here to flirt.” his response…after a few seconds of silence from the two of us “Yeah, well when you get back we’ll be making out in the back room.” I made the comment today about how he used to be so quiet when we first met, and now he’s really opening himself up. He’s so cute. I’m gonna play it like this for a while. It would be different if I wanted to just fuck him. But i really think he’s cool and wouldn’t mind being with him…for like, forever. I told Shals that if this ends up like another Erik situation I will die. But i do enjoy the fact that he is someone i’d consider a friend as well. swoon.

Mags and Angella are also geniuses (or is it geni) who have convinced me to a)stop flirting with him and b) just fucking tell him how i feel. They’ve also convinced me that he does in fact like me. Unfortunatley our conversation had to be cut short because mols needed to research some stuff for her classes. bleh. I can’t believe how efficient this damn laptop has made me. now i can organize my to do lists before i throw them away. hot!


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