Actively Participating in my own life


Things I did this morning:
1) Woke up fully clothed
2) washed my hair
3) contemplated my life in the shower
4) realized that I am in fact going insane because, yes, my actions are stuck on repeat and I am doing nothing to keep the cd from being scratched (ugh….bad bad metaphor)
5) told mols about how this whole Alex situation is almost the exact same as the Erik situation (except Erik would ask me out, and he was outgoing and out there, and I was the chicken shit who always backed out and who never kissed him despite all the times I could have)
6) bought a plane ticket home. I’ll be there at 9pm on the 20th, and am leaving at noon on the 24th.
7) contemplated packing and throwing away more shit
8) threw all my clothes back onto my bed this morning, and let the rest of the shit just sit there.

To do:
1) do laundry (sheets)
2) catch up in reading for lmu
3) go to church
4) bring things over to new apartment (re: books, sheets, professional stuff)

I’m pretty sure I should be doing work for school….like my actual job, but mols agrees with me when I say that there cannot be time for everything.

did i mention how glad I am that I will not have to call Erik and tell him that I am not coming to his wedding reception. I am so glad.

Someone called me this morning at 8:34 am and didn’t leave a message. argh. I hate that.


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