So all evening—okay since after 8—we’ve been packing up this place and trying to become minimalists. We didn’t make our first trip over to the Monterey house until 10:30. Its 1 am and we just finished our second trip. Both times we just dumped the shit on the floor and went back for more. We have a mountain of boxes packed and most of our furniture ready to move—I’m not going to take aprat my bed frame until the morning. And I’m still fucking awake. I can’t go to sleep until I get that room in some sort of order. And I won’t be able to sleep until I finish watching the Madonna story on E! ohhh…I mean WE. Fuck. At least I can say with all honesty that I believe I burned off those french fries I ate with dinner. Damn they were good. things Iwill never do again:

1, move without hiring movers
2. do my own laundry

There is a fluff and fold on the left corner of Fletcher just of the 2 south that is a buck a pound. Its cheaper then doing it myself. I’m taking my shit there first thing in the morning.

One of these days I’ll be able to hire movers who fucking do “exact moves” as in they pack your shit, move it, and place it in the exact spot where its supposed to go—right down to the books on the bookshelf. The movers we hired are just moving our furniture and boxes. We’ll unpack…or just start throwing shit away. I’m waiting for Madonna to be taken advantage of by her lonely, obviously lesbian, manager. Goodness this is a horrible movie. this is a horrible flash back scene. Such fucking crap. I’ve never been so deligent to get my shit packed in boxes as I am right now. I’m trying to minimize the actuall shit I have to carry into the apartment myself. but at least all of this moving means that she will finally take those damn hermit crabs to school. Hermit crabs you will not be missed.

Last night was the going away party for our dean of discipline who is moving to a new school—one of the many administrators who have moved onto a new school of sorts. she kicks ass. her fiancee is premiering his indie film on sunday night at 10. i guess me and mols will certainly be getting some practice in this whole, living like adults thing. you know, for going school night restrictions in exchange for late night adult fun. at least once or twice. it was just cool hanging out with our fucking principle having margaritas and shooting hte shit. granted i didn’t have my first drink until everyone left—KJ bought my dinner and i didn’t want to charge alcohol to her bill–and stayed late with Kullens, Bunny, Meg, and KJ. Our cross town rivals–eagle rock–are playing us tomorrow on their turf. at 3 in the afternoon. because they don’t have the good enough sense to invest in field lights. because apparently books are more important than football. huh! JV plays tomorrow and if we’re gonna kick their ass. i’m leaving school friday to “supervise” my girls at the game. YES! coaching definitely pays off. it means that the drinking will begin early on friday. possibly thursday afternooon if the movers are done before three. This is a horrible movie. how am i not drinking now.


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