Bridal Shower Fever


Whoa do I wish I was mexican. KJ’s bridal shower was yesterday and it kicked ass!!!! Definitely worthy of four exclamation points. I can say without any doubt that a)it was the best party I’ve ever been to and b) she has the nicecest family and c) I need to learn Spanish immediately—like yesterday. Its not only her family, its Bean’s family too, so I got to meet relatives. One imparticular who was around friday night whom E, KJ’s little sister, told that I have a crush on Bean. I was trying to explain to E about how I’m working to get over it. She says I won’t until I get under someone else. Anyway, Bean’s mother was at the party. E filled me in on Friday about how crazy his family is. Anyway, while KJ was opening her gifts—and this was afer an afgternoon of tequiella shots, tequilla shots, and more tequilla—- she is opening the gift from Bean’s mother, and she’s like “Its from Tia _____, Ms. Rodgers’ future mother in law.” Everyone went “whoa” and I buried my head in my hands. Then the cousin yelled out something in spanish that amounts to either “Candace wants to marry bean” or “She likes him.” i ran in the house, but quickly ran out again. Later that night I got to meet his dad. We talked for a while about Franklin and football, and learning spanish, and his recently deceased sister. Totally nice guy. I can see where Bean gets it from. This morning— I stayed the night because a double digit number of tequilla shots later I was in no condition to drive home— KJs mom and cousins were sitting around talking about how “white” their family is. They are all really really light skinned for people of color. To quote KJ’s mom, “No one looks mexican anymore…we need some color in our family.” They all turned to me and E was like “Well Candace can help us out.” I’m still embarassed. But it was a great time. I got to meet KJs other really close friends and they’re going to kidnap me and drag me to vegas next weekend even though I can’t afford it. Even though it will mean that this semester I took off five sick days. Hmmmm….

Oh….We won the foot ball game friday. We played our cross town rivals, and were down by two in teh last three minutes of the game. We were all the way at the end goal, it was our ball but they could have easily scored a touch down. IN one play we managed to push the ball back half way down the field. In nother play we pushed it back another quarter. In the last minute we scored a touchdown, and we like 30 seconds on the clock managed to keep control of hte ball. The crowd on our side was going nuts. We always have a packed side line because if your a teacher or even an alumni at away games you just take the liberty of standing on the side lines. Teh principal and other administrators had to form a barrier to push the crowd back and to keep them from rushing the feild when we won. Everyone was real excited, and peacefully exited the stadium. I’m sure some fun went down around the neighborhood though. IT WAS AWESOME. Franklin kids have heart and are hungry to win, because when we lose we hit harder then any other group. Especially against this school We’re in a different socioeconomic bracket, which makes us a little more hungry for a win and a fight.

We moved most of our shit in on thursday. Its deinitely a smaller place. WE have so muich bullshit at the other apartment its not even funny. I went back friday night and organized (re: threw away shit.) I have to go back tonight after church and working out in order to just grab all the light shit and my shoes. shit i gotta get ready to go.

oh…the IPEX bra at Victoria’s Secret…AWESOME


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