The school has been on lockdown since 2:30. did i mention that its 3:38? yea, cuz it is. So apparently Alex Silver has landed in LA. He called Shals yesterday evening and told her that he was leaving for LA and was going to buy his ticket and would be here before midnight. He tried to call me but I was in church but I’ve tried to call him back but the number isn’t going through. I left my phone in the car last night, so when i got it Shals had texted me and said that “our friend is drunk in LA. Go pick him up.” Um…yeah, I was asleep and every night will be asleep especially at 2am. Wow. I’ll try again tonight. We have a whole line of people who are looking forward to trying to buy our stuff…except for when I say “buy” I mean get it for free. Just come get our shit.

wow…BEAN UPDATE! I can’t help but smile. His mom had told him about how I was embarassed at the bridal shower. He said that he was embarassed too because I was embarassed. He was on full flirt mode today. I was sitting there after I ‘d told him how I woke up in kind of a funk today and wasn’t feeling very well. I’m sitting there and suddenly he says “We’d have beautiful children.” Wow…what the fuck! OMIGOD. My response: “Yes, we would.” and we went on about how they’d have my height, and have wavy hair, and darker skin. Fucking Bean. Just when I think its over, it all starts again. He’s so fucking cute. I can’t even really remember what we were talking about…just stuff. I said that I loved beans (I was eating a bean burrito) and Karla asked “But do you love Beaners?” We died laughing. He went to get his food from the back room, and when he was backed there Sam must have asked something along the lines of “why don’t you ask her out?” because I heard him say “I like the chase.” I looked at him and said “hmph…you like the chase?” He’s like “i’ve got my running shoes on.” me: well that’s a shame, because I hate running. You’re gonna look one day and find you’re chasing yourself.” On satuday there is a day of service, and we’re both leading groups. After its done he’s going to help me move my bags to Out of the Closet. I told him that afterwards we’re going out to dinner. He asked where? Casa Bianca, I said. He thought for a second and said “cool.” He told me, in front of a student, that it was in my intention to get him sauced up and to take advantage of him. Jebus. He’s a hot mess.

its now 4:04…we’re still on Lock Down. Christ. Apparently there might have been a shooting around the corner from our school…or at least a gun. I’m sorry but when isn’t there a gun in Highland park? I’m just sayin.


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  1. second comment: okay, so ive been meaning to tell you this- in Michigan there’s a coffee chain called Beaners. So wrong…so fuckin wrong!

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