The night air was cold as she stood under the glow of security lights. The a muffled hum of discontent came from the crowd at the football game as the opposing team suceeded where the home team failed. He walked out of the building refreshed and excited, anticipation in each step.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow.” he said, squeezing her arm as he turns to go.
She knows that if she doesn’t say something now, she won’t be able to sleep later. Her eyes are warm with water as the rehearsed lines give way to a sigh of frustration as she says”_______ _________, I like you, you schmuck!” and hits him in the arm. “You deserve better.” he says frankly as he bounds towards his truck. Walking towards the game she could hear his truck as he pulled away. She willed herself not to turn around and look. She willed herself to have a great night in spite of him. For the rest of teh night she watched as her girls sucessfully completed a routine under the pressure of change, was passanger on teh back of two different golf carts being steered by an inebriated collegue. Over pizza and beer she laughed as she watched the calculated moves off coworkers moving towards mating. At the end of the night it was confirmed that even though she’d waited “forever” to tell him how she felt, he’d known all along and so did everyone else. She listened to her messages before going to sleep. One was from Silver tell her how much he loved her and that she was a strong beautiful woman who could make it through anything. One was from Reies…”Wear a belt tomorrow. You get the machete.”

Saturday mornings are never easy, especially when its 6:30 and the hard work begins at 7:30. Driving to the high school, her mind is running, preparing for an imaginary “perfect” convesration after which she will feel vindicated and he will feel run through. I understand your feelings, but I don’t understand your actions. You don’t get to flirt with me. Its not nice. Its rather mean especially if you don’t feel the same way. She couldn’t help feeling just the tinge of uncertainity in her perfect convesation, because she was not sure if he didn’t feel the same way but actually felt that she deserved better. The day before she’d signed up for the site near the nursery, the site that required the upmost destructive force. Her instinct were always right. Reies was handing her the machete when He walked on to the school site. She quickly looked away trying to go unnoticed, but he is standing next to her. She figeted with her belt, and gave him a cordial smile. “We’re cool right?” “Yeah, we’re cool,” she responded. “Good…” he started to joke with her but she turned away to talk to her team. While the teams prepared for the day, he remained close to her trying to make small talk. She politely engaged in small conversation becuase honestly, he was still her friend, and they’d agreed that things were cool. When the teams of students and leaders were dispersed their groups were the only two left. They looked at each other and shook hands…a truce.

the day was sucessfull. Their high school recieved 5000 dollars from the city for their participation in teh City wide day of service. Her student workers had managed to clear an entire area that had included two large Birds of Paradise bushes and two small trees. He’d promised to help her move, and he swore to live up to his obligation. He was exhausted from a night of debauchery with friends, so she rain checked her offer of dinner as payment. she waited at hear apartment for him to arrive so that she could clear out 10 bags of donations. Her desk was finally gone, and these bags were apart of the last things that needed to be moved. Abd as soon as he walked up she couldn’t be angry with him. She couldn’t even be disappointed. thigns weren’t the same, but he was going to carry all of those bags out for her. She was tired of remaining quiet while they slipped into familiar conversational patterns. He tried to flirt with her, and she snapped “Stop it, _____.” he continued on and she laughed and walked away. they talked about the night before jokingly–he commended her for getting to the point, and having the balls to respond to a request with “…I would,but you said I deserve better, so I won’t.” … There are no hard feelings between the two of them. she’s begun to get over him, almost instaneously. “its all a learning experience…you’re a new type of boy i’d ever experienced before. I think I will call it a Bean.” She said, “you know, someone who is completely sweet, nice, charming…” “And a complete jackass, ” he finished. “Why yes.” she laughed. “I have you to rub my feet,” he said, and she replied “well, I would have, but I deserve better, remember.” She began to ask him questions without concern for their sensitivity. “______! Why do you flirt with me?” “Because you like it. Don’t you?” “Yes.” Later she told him, “you don’t have to flirt with me because you think i like it.” “I don’t…I like it too.” he answered. “Why do you think I deserve better?” “because you do. I’m a head case. you’ve got a lot going for you. and i’m a head case.” “you don’t know how much I have going for me. I’m a head case too,”she said. he smiled at her. “Well at least we now know where we both stand. And I don’t feel nearly as stupid as I did last night.” she admitted. “Don’t feel stupid.” he told her. They stood on the top of the stairs of her apartment building, the stairs that lead to his car. She stuck her hand out, “Truce?” He shook it and said “Truce.” before pulling her in for a friendly hug. “I still owe you dinner” she said as he let her go and began to walk down the stairs. “I won’t forget. I know the place.” he smiled up at her. She watched him walk the stairs until his head disappeared from her view. She took a step away from the railing and took a deep breath before laughing to herself “asshole.”


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