Two Days


My two days have ended officially today. I gave myself Sunday (for me) and Monday (for everyone else) to digest this situation. Now I can officially walk away from it feelilng pretty good actually. My psych is very proud of my progress, my friends at work all have their opinions—which they respectfully keep to themselves—but are really supportive, and I wrote him a thank you card to cement that I appreciate his honesty and his kindness and that I’m glad that we’re friends. I gave it to him this morning. Wow, I didn’t realize how much I really liked him. I’m glad that I can move forward from this finally—that kind of passion can drive a person insane. I forgot how these emotions call be so inspiring though. Hot. Here’s the thank you note I sent him. Its finally all done.

October 10, 2005
I’ve given myself two days to get this out of my head so being that this is the last hours of that second day, I should just get it over with. So here goes:

Thank you for your kind words on Friday night. Thank you for every kind word you’ve ever said to me, every smile you’ve ever given me, every genuine nicety that has gone beyond how so called civilized people treat each other in the 21st century. Your presence has added greatly to every moment of perceived togetherness and competence and confidence that I’ve expressed.

I am feeling so inarticulate…goodness. While I know you are genuinely the sweetest person I have ever met, I’m glad that I will get to know more of you in time as you figure out what is going on in your head.

I appreciate your honesty. Your ability to tell me that I deserve better confirms my knowledge that you are the best. You’ve added to that confidence that pushes me forward and I couldn’t go another day without telling you that.

Hugs. Candace.


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