Killing it


So he killed it today. Killed it completely. Like he’s still my friend but really I don’t have the same attraction to him at all. We were looking at pictures of parties that I’ve been to…TFA parties…parties where there are usually a lot of white people. And he says to me “wow, you knw a lot of white people. Yo uare the whitest black girl i know.” KILLED IT! TOTALLY FUCKING DEAD. I turned to him and said “don’t say that. that completely undermines what it means to be black and shows that you buy into the sterotypes about the black community.” KILLED IT. totally fucking dead. AngieP says its because he’s always grown up in Highland park and probably has never been outside of it ….which is true…and that he lives with his parents. She agrees that I deserve better. Jill’s face instantly fell when she heard it. she said he’s an ass (which she never says) and that I deserve better. so I said that he was best…well, I like to speak in hyperbolic statements anyway. Crazy. DEAD. Thank you. And to think, for a second there i thought maybe i was just immature. I’m 24, i like to drink, and will say the word cock without blinking, and often times like to say outlandish things just to see how others will react….and I swear. But no…I’m me. I’m young. and I Like that.


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  1. Oh Candy, that is just depressing. It is a perfect example of just how much work we need to do with our kids in order to make sure that they don’t turn out like this dickweed. Who says that shit, especially to someone you are dating? And who made the law that if you are black, you can only hang out with black people? Jesus Cristo, are we still living in the 50s? Sometimes I wonder. Let’s go find some socially conscious men sometime.

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