happy dance


Itunes finally released Frankie J’s version of “More than words.” it just sounds better. I love it.

went to a great party with teh 4620 crew in Redondo. I got to see alot of new people and a lot of people i haven’t seen in a while.

Jayna is off somewhere being published at this very minute. I am so jealous.

And I just realized that Katie Holmes is the Debra Rowe of the 21st century. Debbie Rowe was the woman who had Michael Jackson’s children, only to have to sign over all parental rights and had to testify on his behalf at his trial. How in the world is it even possible that a jury could find him not guilty but then go on tv and say that they thought he was guilty? on that basis alone I have no faith in the justice system.

Mags is going back into teaching. Its a good fit for her.

Corey looked great tonight.

K managed to annoy even the new people she met. One guy, M, was talking to me about indecision and our callings and the nueroscience behind how we interact with people. He was mentioning how he gets the vibe from some people that they pity his indecisiveness about life because they “have it all figured out.” K came over to say good night, real polite like, told him that she hopes he figures everything out, and walks away. He turns to me and begins to tell me how he was talking to her about the same subject, and instantly without thinking i said “Don’t talk to K.” he went on to say how he got that vibe from her and I had to explain the back ground on her situation. We were having a great conversation about philosophy and our place in the world when this totally drunk bitch interrupted us. Conversation went down the drain. But it was fun while it lasted. Still, great night. Great party.


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