Beta is not better


So Itunes is attempting to be more customer friendly by assessing your purchases and making suggestions. Except….those suggestions are like fucking way off base. Example #1: I bought 50 cents Candy shop….so they suggested Stevie wonder’s greatest hits. Um…there is no feasable connection between 50 cents and stevie wonder. Are they making the link because they’re both black? Hmmmmmmm….its like when my coworkers tell me that they have the perfect guy for me, and I jokingly turn to them and say “Its because I’m black, right?” And 100% of the time its. Not that i have a problem with that…I just like to make that statement. Hell the guy could be armenian and I would still say it. The look on people’s faces is great. I should stop it, I really should…bad habit.

Also, so apparently, according to Mags, Corey, and Angella—and when those three agree you know its a fact—people who do not like hip hop are NOT necessarily racist. Hmmmmmmm…who would have thought? I was joking around when I made the statement “Is it okay to assume that if you don’t like hip hop you’re racist?” All three of them “NO!” Me, “Okay, just checking.” I would hate to stop talking to people based solely on differing music tastes. Whew.

I have my wedding outfit. Go to and its the red-wrap kimono top, $88. FUCKING AMAZING. I also found a pair of slacks on sale at the Gap. I’m going to give my hair a dry run tomorrow and wear it the way I want to at the reception just to see how it holds up. Keep your fingers crossed. Actually, I’m gonna try the whole outfit on right now. Yea! I love this part. I had do a bit of running around the city to find the red one (i bought the blue on yesterday, and i had to drive out to the grove to exchange it for the red one) but at least i have it! Oh yea! I’ll post pics! Hot!


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