most awesome thing ever!


So now that the new Ipod allows you to watch tv/movies, you can now download tv shows on to your computer!!!!!!!!!!!!! how fucking cool is it that I can buy the whole first season of Lost for 35 bucks. I bought the two part pilot because I have never once seen it and I have never had teh time on what ever night Lost comes on to watch it! FUCKING MOST AWESOME THING EVER.

Second place goes to the fact that I have a power book…i love it

Third place goes to the fact that i’m going home tomorrow

fourth place goes to my new therapist who may be worth something.

fifth place goes to packing

sixth place goes to washihng my hair at 11 pm…um, yeah, but something has to be done…its a dry mess….

i’ve got a lot to do, but couldn’t help share that i can now watch tv anywhere i want! thank you techonology

oh wait!!!! tomorrow is the first day of finals! yes!


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