“Jenna…..My role modedl and everything nebuian,” said the gay boy as he approached the cherubic black girl with a great voice.

I am watching the GAYEST MOVIE EVER. GAYEST MOVIE EVER. GAYEST MOVIE EVER. GAYEST MOVIE EVER. This is the only thing I can type. GAYEST MOVIE EVER. GAYEST MOVIE EVER. GAYEST MOVIE EVER. DAMN. Its a gay high schooler’s wet dream. Or at least the wet dream of like all teh gay boys I knew in college..and currently know with the way exceptiojn of Corey who has way more sense then this movie—and corey went to a Camp…interlochen, but it was still a camp.

Today after school we went out of mexican food before having to come back to our obligations (re: meeting with parents, flags practice). The manager at the restaurant has a crush on KJ and sent us over shots of the highest quality tequilla the restaurant had…damn good. then we peer pressured one of our students to have a drink of a maragarita after he had to endure us talking shit about everyone. We were a group of three and one student, one of us was the drug free counselor.

okay, this straight boy is talking to the most acne infested gay boy about how if the gay boy was straight he’d make a great “playa. [he’s] got this whole latin thing going on. put on a little salsa, whisper some spanish in a girl’s ear.” GAYEST MOVIE EVER.

before i close this blog……i’d like to remind you that this is the gayest movie ever. And the sound of children singing is atrocious.


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