Day Lights Saving


Day light saving was last night…so I guess that means I didn’t stay up as late as I thought I had. No, it really means that I woke up earlier then I was supposed to. What I love about october in Los Angeles is the fact that its October 30th, and i’m sitting outside a starbucks in a tank top. . Like my sweater is close at hand incase of some freak windstorm, but I don’t htink that will happen.

I really should not combine drinking all night long with waking up early and going to church. I didn’t remember I had to be at church earlier then usual until I was already at home and full of Rum and Coke. We had the rite of Acceptance this morning and it was really nice. We all got personal bibles. AFterwards I was sitting around talking to my sponsor, Monique, and really nice people would come up and just inroduce themselves to me. It was really nice. The hardest part is over, MOnique says. Well at least until they pour water over my head during the baptism. What am I going to do about my hair? There has to be some way to get around that. Goodness. I guess we’ll just see. I’m supposed to be catching up on all hte reading I didn’t do this semester. I’m making the lamest attempt at note taking and reading for that matter. I’d rathernot actually. But I will since i decided that I wouldn’t do any reading before. Goodness.


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