Homecoming was tonight. ….. I could soo get fired for some of the things that happened tonight—-its not what you think, just more of the usual. two things:

a) your friends and collegues will spill their guts when they’ve been drinking
b) Damn….those girls were wearing next to nothing…and looked great doing it. one of the lesbians at our school looks like a very pretty tyra bank (re: tyra sans big ass forehead).

We won the Bell game last night, and for two years in a row have kept the bell out of the hands of the Wilson Mules….yes, you read that right. Their mascot is a jackass. literally. Friday Night Shenanigans were great, and I didn’t have to buy one drink or slice of pizza. Same with tonight.

I think I’m cured. He put his head on my shoulder and my stomach did nothing. Thank God. I have noticed that I feel like when he jokes about why we could or couldn’t get married my eyes linger just a little longer. I don’t know what that is about. maybe I just don’t know how to respond…maybe I just am going crazy.


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