West Side Story


I’m watching West Side Story for the first time in my life. I swear to you…it is taking a bit of suspending of disbelief on my part to keep me from laughing. Beside the dancing….ah, how i love men dancing… its the fact that the main cast has like one actual Latino, Ms. Rita Moreno. The rest of the “Puerto Ricans” are played possibly by PR extras, but mostly by Greeks. Natalie Wood is of Russian descent, ‘Nardo is played by the son of Greek immigrants, and well….there is this character who is supposed to be courting Maria named Chino….who totally looks Asian. Every time he comes onto the screen I giggle and say “Chino looks Asian!” Which is the irony behind his nickname. He’s possibly Filipino, but also could actually be Latino being that I’ve seen many Latinos who actually look Asian. “Chino’s” name is Jose DeVega…absolutely indistinguishable in race or ethnicity. Ahhh Latinos, possibly the most racially ambigious ethnic group. This shit is great. My favorite part—besides the men dancing— are how the gangs will unite against the cops. Its beautiful that type of unity. Il ove it. Now I get to see where all the great musical numbers come from. Like “Somewhere”…I never knew that was in West Side Story. I bet you didn’t know that the neither Maria nor Tony sang their own music. Their voices were dubbed. I also bet you didn’t care.


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