Cantina fantina


What the fuck does that mean? Is it a watering hole that only serves fanta? Anyway, its a bar in west hollywood that I went to last night with Esther, Jeremy, Lisa, and jeremy’s boy..newt. Yeah…or as i like to call him “Paolo”—he’s brazilian. We drank and talked all night long. Lisa is me…and I am lisa. i get over to Esther’s place, and I must have mentioned my birthday because lisa asks me when my birthday is: April 6th, 1981. Wanna know when her birthday is: april 6th 1981. We squealed and we have so many personality traits in common but are still the opposite of each other (she is way more ballsy then me, she grew up around tons of black people in Boston, she’s lie 5’1, she’s white, well spanish…well white but hates it when people go “oh…you’re white!” because its never said in a positive way and because she views it as a negative) Here’s the crazy thing: she was born by cesarian at 8:30 Am on april 6th 1981. I was born by cesarian at 8:32PM ON April 6th 1981. Insane! She’s this short, white-colored Lesbian and I’m this tall, black straight girl. We’re each other’s otherhalf…and its awesome. She takes such good care of Esther. It was cute. You know who else is an Aries: Bean. March 22nd. He’s so cute. I am not going home for christmas. So I went to the mac store and spent $130 on make up…i looked hot. Pictures will be posted asap.


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