the last weekend of lunacy


I’ve decided to give this a final go, in that one half of the group thinks that i deserve better and the other half is more then willing to feed my dellusions of granduer. So i’ve made a resoultion: on monday, I will officially begin the getting over you process. the I don’t like you or want to have your babies process. The Oh…I can do way better then that process. The thank God my heart doesn’t pound and I don’t smile at the near sight of your eyes process. the everytime you give me a compliment it means nothing process. So tonight, I’m completely indulging in that fantasy of me having his babies. I asked Mols tonight “what if he comes up to me and asks me to have his babies? should I say yes?” She said “Yes.” then I said, “even though I’m too young?” and she said “that’s never stopped any one before.” True. see. Unfortunately Bunny’s dad is in a coma and she won’t be able to attend KJ’s wedding tomorrow. KJ, by the way, looks fucking great since she’s been going to a trainer and losing all this weight. Like she looked realy cute before but wow. I didn’t really notice it but now she’s dissappearing on me. She got her first brazillian without knowing that its when they strip you bare. Crazy girl. She even showed it to her fiance. When she told me that I looked at her and said “Wow, you guys are close.” and she was like “I certainly hope so.” Anyway, Bunny’s dad is in a coma, and she can’t come to the wedding…so he was nice enough to say “yes” when I asked if he’d give me a ride there and back. we were talking earlier in teh week when I told him how me and bunny were going to get a hotel room so that we didn’t have to worry about drunk driving. He warned me not to get fall down drunk, then told me that he would have taken me home. Now i have to take him up on his offer. He looked at me today, I only went to see him during 6th period to let him know that it was at 5:30 not 5pm, and he looks at me and my outfit (I dressed up in heels, slacks, a tee-shirt, and a poncho, and red lipstick because I needed to come off as professional because I had to run 5 IEP meetings today) and says “the wedding’s not til tomorrow,” and smiles. I began to explain why and he says “you look nice.” or was it “great”? I bet it was “nice.” he’s still coming to pick me up tomorrow at around the same time. So this is my last weekend to run this fantancy through my mind because soon it will be over.


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  1. You will not be having this guy’s babies. Think about stretch marks and dirty diapers. Or I could put you in touch with my friend who’s having triplets. She’s only 2 months and she looks ready to deliver! Just say no!

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