pretzel mix


its funny how things happen right when they are needed. its like the universe puts itself on its right axil and cosmic planes collide and slight perspective is found. I woke up this morning with this totally wierd feeling in my heart, and I came into the Sped office and was talking with Dij when Gold walks in. He starts espousing on how he’s going to give us these whole sale catalogs and we respond by saying that we don’t need anything that adds to our waste. He then makes this really good point about how its impossible for us to find enlightenment of our souls if we remain under the weight of our worries about the world, family, finances, the future. its like not seeing the forest for the trees–we get so caught up on the those large concerns we are missing the precious everyday moments. I liked it. It was cool. A complete disruption of our conversation but well worth it. He went on to slighlty turn Maslow’s hierarchy on its ear a bit and said something about how we can eleviate those worries by becoming financial independent in the social context in which we exists, and that we can help eleviate the stress of others by providing them with material goods. At that point me and Dij looked at each other and were like, “um…so you had us until you said give people shit. Um, yeah.” But honestly, it kinda helps me out with trying to narrow down my idea about ways in which I can change the world. I mean, I know it makes no sense but I can’t really articulate what is going through my head. I just know it made me feel alot better.


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