this is truning out to be the best weekend ever………. I JUST SAW RENT! and while there are some changes to account for the adaption from stage to screen IT WAS STILL AWESOME!!! It was so well done that I cried at just the same places i cried when i saw the stage production. God, I loved it. Especially the tango maureen. i don’t usualy love that song, but to see how they did it made me love that song! And i’d also like to note….I did not need to see how great Rosario Dawson’s Brazilian wax was….i just didn’t need that. I wonder if i even have neighbors? I’m listening to my music so loud and they never say anything. they’re scared. tomorrow I am going to spend the day with Kj and her new husband, and her family. I’m pumped. I think I’m going to get up early…or stay up late….baking cookies. I’m going to stop by the house of a student becaues her family invited me over and share my yummies! Lemon cranberry cookies! hot!

the trailers for brokeback mountain and memoirs of a geisha look stunning. I am super impressed by hollywood right now. 5 bucks says that in the new julianne moore movie her son never existed and she was once a patient at the insane asylum. i’m just sayin.


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