bleghschmea and other random thoughts.


In my sophomore year of college I was an RA on an all girl’s floor. That was an insane fucking year. Okay, not really insane but emotionally rocky..well, insane. So a group of us spent so much time together, that when ever we were frustrated instead of swearing we would say “Schmea!” Like it easily flowed in and out of conversation as easily as “Fuck!” And when we were at a complete loss for words, like we were writing something or someone off, we’d find ourself saying “Bleh shmea.” So, blehschmea.

I’ve had serveral rocky starts and stops since last wednesday and i’m fairly dissapointed with them. I’m not starting or stopping anything, just in life periods of time where I just want to go to sleep for 10 years and wake up in a different time and place. Or the rocky beginnings of starting to get a grip of my life and myself but really not. I threw away half my fridge tonight because its all just wasted food. Thank goodness tuna comes in cans….cans that are sitting at the back of my fridge. Cans that are not being eaten because making a tuna sandwich is way more energy then i want to expend. But Mols says there are hot guys at her gym, so i’ll expend that energy.

A coworker of mine was telling me about how his son went to berkely and had once considered law school. I asked if he’d considered Bolt, and my coworker said “No. To get into Bolt you have to be exceptionally brilliant and talented.” i told him how I have a friend who will be going there next year. He said “She must be exceptionally brilliant and talanted.” Or something to that affect…not as awkward sounding.

Mols and I went in search of sweaters that fit me and my abnormally long arms. My question is this: why the hell hasn’t Old Navy come out with women’s sweaters that are worth their salt? Its fucking winter. Surely there are women out there who want sweaters with sleeves that reach their wrists…or better yet, mid to lower hand. boys sweaters, even when bought in the appropriate smaller size, and never hugging enough in the right places. Alas, I may have to concede and get a men’s sweater that is too boxy but that has adequate sleeves. Fucking long as arms…i’m like a chimpanzee. I could wrap the world in a hug with these arms. how corny.

oh..this is me not studying for my big test on saturday. I think i’ll take tomorrow off and just study then.


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