gluttonous (for walter and shals)


tonight there was this holiday party during which i ate enough to make my wimpy dessert of mangoes and blackberries seem down right normal. Let me catalog for you what I had to eat:

1 original recipe chicken breast from KFC
3 buffalo wings
2 shrimps
1 glass (large) of red wine
1 glass (small) of champagne
1 slice of german chocolate cake
2 chocolate chip cookies
1 vanilla cupcake
1 chocolate cupcake
a few slices of turkey
1 slice of supreme pizza
a few snowball cookies
these meat filled deep fried potatoe balls that were amazing
I cannot for the life of me remember what the hell i ate on teh same plate as my german chocolate cake 20 minutes ago…but i think it was more meat.

Things I forgot at school because I was in such a rush to leave for the holiday party:
the thai food from lunch (spicy green curry with chicken, veggie spring rolls)
the power cord to this laptop

Pre and Post lunch snackings
cheese tamale
vanilla ice cream cone

vanilla yogurt
two slices of mango
black berries

I swear…the fruit just lays the foundation for the avalanche of food that is holiday partying.
the holiday party was great. I got to talk with this older lady who works at our school who has the world’s worst luck…she told us about pretty bad stuff that happened to her while being a teacher…and we tried to appease it by saying that she’d used up her bad karma…only to have her top it with other stories of her bad luck. She’s a nut. and old. Nough said.

there were little girls there that i thought were really funny. they sang “Rockin around the christmas tree.” after I gave them advice about what to eat off the table (buffaloe wings—which the youngest, well she’s younger but they’re both 8 and not twins, was absolutely thrilled about) demanded to know my name and would come to me for food advice until they left. Everywhere I go I tend to make friends with children who then write my name down and wave to me like a crazy person when they see me in public. HOT! I am popular….yes! Kidding.

Now I’m supposed to be studying for the Rica I need to take in, well, fiften hours or so. I can’t do the math. its the wine you see. don’t worry. Oh….i forgot to call the Kung fu studio back, but i swear I’ll get on it tomorrow.


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