I think I passed it. about 45 minutes into it i became exhausted and my mind started drifting. but by hour three had caught my second wind and was whizzing through the short essays, and preparing to begin the case study. i finished in the exact amount of time the study book said that i would: 3hours 50 minutes. i’m exhausted.

Rumor has it that USC handed UCLA their ass….i’m not sure if i’m supposed to care. Okay, I don’t. Score of 66 to 19 according to Fox sports. I’m sure it was an insane game…tickets were going for sell on line for as high as $4000. SWEET. whatever.

I have this parade that i have to be in tomorrow morning…what if I conveniently sleep through it…or call in sick. I am the biggest slacker. I’m like the baby sitter who will let them do whatever they want as long as i don’t have to clean up after them and they don’t kill themselves. Honestly, there is a ballet class in Santa Monica that I want to go to that is at the same time as the parade. I should stick to my responsiblities. bleh.


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