Ba da boom, ba da bing


Any second now worlds are going to collide when my roommate starts making out wiht people we know. I can only pray that shit doesn’t hit the fan. I warned her not to. I warned her that it would be like 10times better if we just made out with random strangers. I warned her….this is just going to be drama.

I met a “Bean” tonight…no, I met him last night. He hangs on my every word, he tries to pontificate on things like he knows what he’s talking about, he’s not as charming or as good looking, but he is charming, he’s blaxican….and is engaged. Asshole. Just like Bean…charming, goodlooking, flirty, smart, things I’m sexy, and will tell me so…but doesn’t want to date me…asshole. Like, don’t even bother….don’t sit there and flirt with me, and walk me to my car, and try to charm me with feigned interest in my day. its nice, extremely flattering, and you know I really don’t give a fuck…but um, yeah. Whatever…its just what I’ve come to expect from boys. Keep trying, because it ain’t gonna work.

A member of our faculty passed away this weekend. this is the third special ed teacher in four years to pass away. All were under the age of 55. In at least two of the cases their bodies just shut down after taking the toll of years of substance abuse despite any phase of recovery. Apparently his last days were filled with pain, and he looked horrible the last time any of us saw him. I just don’t know how to take things like this when they happen. Bean was really good about it, and reminded me that at least he’s not in any pain.

I told one of my girl’s that i bet if i were “nice” enough, Bean and Z would buy me a car…her response “but what would you have to do for that car?” my response: “I don’t know…but i’m an adult so it doesn’t matter!”
We had an advent celebration, and I find that I interact really well with teenagers. I just like them better.

i love the movie Traffic…if not only because Catherin Zeta Jones becomes a big time drug dealer. I know, I know, I know…but it is a type of empowerment. I kinda wish that someone would smash in Topher Grace’s face.


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  1. ah, the ol’ friends-who-become-make-out-buddies-and-then-friends-again trick. Well, I know absolutely no one on this earth who has ever done that. Nope. No one.

    Your advice to her is wise. A good way to keep her from making out with people she knows is to introduce her to alternatives. Good. Freaking. Alternatives.

    Let’s make a plan….hehehehehehe….

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