what i want


…is to be 8 years old and chilling at my grandmother’s house in seattle. Well, not really her house but her home, because you don’t own the house when you live in the projects. life was so much simplier that time right before you realize that you’re poor, and that being poor is a bad thing in this country. Above all else in this world i want a simple life. Married to Adam Sandler. know seriously…a simple life, a house, a car, travel, love. I have survived adolescents and am enamored with life after this fucking test. Life after I get my credential this year, and after I clear it next year….so that I never have to go to school again. I hate this test. I hate that I have to take it. I hate what it represents. Its all so close. that life is so right now, so today, and everyday. I can taste it everyday in all of the little things. i’m excited for it. sweet, soft, fulfilling- like mangoe, or the perfect mojito. this test is not mango. I’m not excited for this test. This test makes me want a mojito. Or a large glass of chardonnay before noon. Excuse me…i’m watching Spanglish. Its a lesson in motherhood. I think i will go get some blackberries.


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