so I’m a schmuck! I totally forgot that I made prior plans for christmas that I need to follow through on. I get to work today all
excited about going to San Francisco, and I get hit by 3 or 4 “So are you still coming over for Christmas?! I told my
sister/cousin/brother/son/uncle about you and they’re really excited!” Its like they’ve never met a black girl before. They’re sooooo excited. And I feel like crap. So I should stay in Los Angeles and crash christmas parties and stuff. 😦 I just get so fucking excited.

So…today is my first day back after a 4 day “weekend” of sort. So I go to do my thing, which is visiting Bean in class, and I get to the classroom and the kids are seriously quiet. So I say, “Where is your teacher?” Walter points to the back of the classroom, and Ms. K pipes up “Hey!” Wow…I went back and talked to her and was like “i’m glad that you are back and blah blah blah.” As I was leaving the classroom, some of the girls catch my eye and giggle, as I say “wow you guys are soooo quiet.” but they all knew that ti woudl be the last time I will actually visit the class.

What was funny was when he actually stopped by the special education office….Dij got to finally see the interaction first hand. I froze up a little because he walked in to the office seconds after me and Dij were talking about racial preferences in dating (we both agree that dating outside our race is an essential). Like 5 seconds later he walks in to the office. He made fun of me for going to visit the class…i just didn’t know. he laughed, we laughed. He left and Dij was blown away. I put my head on the desk. Dij can totally see how he feeds my crush.

Is it safe to assume that the tall flags do not have practice today because we are done with competitions and with the football season? They’re filming a Coke commerical at Franklin. They are constantly filming stuff in the HP! Highland Park in the house!


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