my own hell to raise


so i fucking completed my christmas shopping. its finally fucking done. gifts that needed to be ordered have been and things that needed to be packed were. This room is a mess. So instead of cleaning i took the time to fucking put up pictures. I think I have a pretty artistic digs here. it is certainly an eclectic mix…my own little hodgepodge of beauty. But i like it. I have a shrine to my neice over on the bookcase so it was that wall that i chose to decorate with pictures of family, friends, and Erik. I resisted the temptation to put of the picture of mags laying on Angella’s bed giggling. I love that one though! I feel like they are a fairly good representation of my life in Los Angeles. Of cours pictures of my school friends are missing, but they are on their way thanks to snapfish…and of course i dont have any pictures of my kids up because that would be just too miuch. Its actually a fair good representation of the best times in my life starting with the summer before my senior year in college. I have paris pictures up, apartment pictures, Los angleles pictures, and snow days pictures from home. I can’t believe its sooo close to christmas. its insane.

I’ve found a fair bit of music from the 90’s that i have ingrained (engrained?) on my soul from being in played in my walkman so much: Fiona Apple, Toad the wet sprocket, candelboxl, ben folds five, duran duran, rage against the machine….man takes me back. back to 7th grade.


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