What started as 50 minutes on the elliptical machine turned into an hour and a half of cardio tonight. Why? you ask. Because my gym is the only place that I can watch CSI. God, I missed that show! I really really missed it. and it was good tonight. Fucking the only places they had the tv turned to CBS were in front of the elliptical station and the treadmill. So when I finished with the elliptical machine I headed over to the treadmill to walk my way closer to Nick Stokes (who finally shaved!) and Warrick Brown (whose “wife” was not in this episode).

I’m kinda excited for this weekend. Friday is the Christmas Carol in Long Beach, and we’re going out afterwards. I have to be at Franklin by 8am Saturday morning for our day of service, so I don’t know how long I’ll be out but it will still be fun. Saturday night is megan’s christmas party! On Sunday Mols leaves for Alabama and I will hopefully be seeing Jill and having pizza. I’m such a dork.


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