Harry Chrismukkah


Every once in a great while I get it in me to search for the 24 hour Ralphs that I know is in this area. I know this because last year when Shals and Alex were in town we ended up buying alcohol there when the Ralphs on Huntington Drive closed at midnight. I had only lived in our old apartment for a few weeks and I remember the drive back from Ralphs to be quite suprising because I actually was able to find my way home after a long night out in a neighborhood that i was not yet familiar. My memory recalls driving down a section of Main street that has car lots on both sides. The first time I went on this search I drove down main street deep into Alhambra without coming upon Ralphs. Tonight I started out down Garfield, one of the streets that runs along the midnight closing Ralphs. I drove and drove until I got to Sharbo. The houses along Sharbo are prepared for the christmas season: white christmas lights draped along “jumping” reigndeers pulling Santa’s sleigh were placed on roof tops. One home actually had spelled out “Happy Birthday Jesus” in white christmas lights. Driving down sharbo I crossed over Atlantic and spotted other car dealerships. I pulled a U turn and headed into Monterey Park, where, out of nowhere appeared the 24 hour ralphs that I have been searching for. Why was I looking for a 24 hour grocery….because I wanted fresh fruit for my yogurt in the morning. I wanted fresh fruit for my yogurt, and so I went searching for it, in Monterey Park at 12:50 am. I am in-fucking-sane. my obsession with food….

Tonight was the Christmas party at Megan’s house. This was my second christmas party of the season. The first was this great spread at our school psychologist’s large house in Pasadena (she bought it from Oscar Dela hoya). This one was equally fun. Megan just became a school psyche for the La Canada school district. She’s friends with KJ, so I got to meet alot of other people in her circle of friends. They are really nice and welcoming and were either teachers or people in the industry. Everyone was very chill and very nice. I don’t even know megan that well–we’ve hung out like 3 or 4 times— but I was introduced to her fiance’s mother.

Anyway, to prepare I felt the need to get a mani/pedi after the day of service at Franklin. Bean and I worked together with about 20 other kids sodding and planting African violets on the slope along the baseball field. All over campus students and teachers were adding flora and fuana and doing up keep to beautify our campus. I just pray that fucking kids don’t fuck that shit up before school starts on Monday. As much as I tried I couldn’t get the dirt out from under my nails so I got a full set because a) my nails look unkempt even when they are immaculately clean and b) nail polish will stay on acryllic for at least 2 weeks while it will chip off your natural nailes in about two days (the oil from your finger nails lifts the paint off the nail.) They’re short nails, but I feel all the better having them. HOLY COW they used this callus remove on my feet that has made them sooo soft, and then she exfoliated my legs (which were incredibly dry looking because when I wear jeans I don’t ever feel the need to put on lotion.) it was embarassing to be so ashy but great to have my legs exfoliated! my feet are so soft, and my nails look great. And I also picked up the black version of this awesome zip upsweater that has flowers embrodiered on the arm. The brown one has pick flowers with green stems…very pretty and not tacky looking…and the black one has siver and white flowers on the opposite arm. it was a very cute outfit I must say. I also got a 14K white gold cross that is really small and delicate and will never come off my neck…primarily because it was really difficult to put on. I had to unravel the chain when I removed it from its package, and then I couldn’t get the clasp together….difficult. this is why women have partners of some sort….to help them with their jewelry. Its beautiful. i’ve wanted one like it since I was 14. So i guess this is a happy chrismukkah to me and my friends.


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