Tequila identity


Today was the last day of school…and oh what a day it has been. It was an amazingly beautiful day for December 21st, the official first day of Winter. Got to work late, left early for lunch…and when I returned to campus there was a holiday party in progress inn the cafeteria. The administration sang Christmas carols and we ate carrot cake.., and then they announced that I was named first ever Franklin Highschool Teacher of the month December 2005! If this was a playboy cover, it would be the highest honor. Apparently there as a faculty meeting (I’m off track so I don’t go to these) and people were nominated, and then they voted….voted for me! How super fucking sweet. I was and am super happy and thrilled because it means a lot. They’ve never done this before, and its me. I get my own parking spot for a month (now people can track how often I come in after 7am) and there will be a plaque placed on a wall somewhere. This is the best school ever. I love it! My mom is going to be so fucking proud.

Afterwards I was talked into canceling my hair appointment (which has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 11:30) in order to go out for celebratory drinks! Oh and drink we did. 8 of us got together at the yardhouse and drank and ate and got gluttonous with it. There was tequila, black and tans, alcohol of all kinds chosen randomly. We’ve secured a section of the Yardhouse for the Rosebowl so that we can watch SC and Texas go at it. I swear…There will be bloodshed. Someone will have their head ripped off. I think a Texan might bite the head off a live chicken. All that testosterone on the field is going to be wild.

So I’m the biggest dork. I’m not so uptight when people call me by the wrong name. Numerous times people have been known to call me Ms. Johnson (who I always hang out with) or Ms. Adams (who is also black) or Ms. Jones (our old AP who is also tall and black)… I don’t really care, I know they mean well whatever. and I kind of feel embarrassed for them when they do it. So there is a student named Besy who came up to me last week and said “Ms. Johnson, will you ask Ms Page to write me a letter of recommendation?” I knew the girl was talking to me, and she had her context clues correct (I can’t think of a student on campus who doesn’t know that we are roommates.) I said sure, and left it at that. So tonight me and Ms Johnson (KJ) are in the Gap in oldtown and who should be there…besy. I say hi, and she says “Hi! Ms Johnson!” KJ says “HI!” I turn to KJ and says “10 bucks says she’s talking to me.” Because she was….I had to explain to her that I, infact, am Ms. Rodgers, and that KJ is ms. Johnson, and then had to explain to her how I just didn’t correct her. and KJ is like “how funny is it that you are actually with Ms. Johnson?!” At this point, I’m kind of giggling to myself, and Besy says “Any normal person would have corrected me.” And I laugh harder..because she’s right…and tequila makes everything that much funnier. that’s what I get for speaking to random students. The only reason I even know who this little girl is is because she is a cheerleader and one day I overheard her practicing to audition for the national anthem solo at homecoming. I swear. I just spend my day talking to random ass children all the time. However this was my first time running into a student in Oldtown…which kinda was a little weird, especially when I was about to give this cute guy selling mistletoe a kiss on the cheek because KJ dared me to..I mean they were selling mistletoe to raise money to buy Christmas gifts…Or beer…and out of nowhere comes besy and her friend….Damn it.

Bunny’s father died on Sunday. A week before Christmas. I know its super sad, but he was not a pleasant man, and as not well liked by many women in his family because he was abusive and an alcoholic and really….I couldn’t help but laugh when KJ said “I hope they didn’t buy him any Christmas gifts.” I’m gonna go with no, they didn’t. Even in his weakest moments it sounds like he was a pretty cruel man to her mother…The sweetest woman on earth. Is a blessing that he is out of pain and that her mother can get some rest finally. Z and I are going over there after I get my hair done. Bunny does not want to be all mournful. She wants to go out. And we all know how I love to go out for lunch, so we’re gonna do it.

I got my family’s Christmas gifts today. Simple, but great. I don’t need much so they’re perfect. KJ loved her gift of wedding photos. My room is finally done being decorated. Its beautiful. I love it.


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