NY: 2006


I took the inaugural bath tonight. Mols bought me a stopper for my drain so I enjoyed myself thoroughly—reading while I was becoming clean. (*sigh*)

It is a new year. 2006. My friend Bunny has a thing with the number 6, and so she has declared this our year. Great. Can’t wait. Shals and I have decided that the only new year’s resolution we will have is to reprioritize our lives. We are officially lessening the priority of those who view us as options. But being that we are an “option” I’m sure they’ll hardly notice. That was harsh, yet realistic and entirely based on perspective. I can only be entuned to the authenticity of my own feelings (not that I am completely sure on the authenticity of those) and feel like I may not be able to accurately be intuned to the feelings that another will not share, so I must simply develop perspective on another based on action…and entirely without placing judgement I will a)act upon my feelings and b)move certain people whose name is easily translated into “frijoles” down the priority list. Bleh.

Life happens for a reason. NYE was hilarious. I spent the night at Bunny’s and she had a small get together (maybe 4 of us) where we smoked out for several hours (shals it reminded me of smoking out with Alex over dinner for 3 to 4 hours at a time) and drank tequilla and squirt (which needs a jazzy name). By the time we’d moved on to a game of Truth or Tequilla, I had switched my drink to a rum and coke which put me over the top. We laughed all night, and woke up this morning for menudo. Okay, I had enchiladas, but it was still great. Okay, so I’ve had better (at El Arco Iris) but it was good.

So I went to mass this evening, and was the only person there for dismissal, and the woman who was going to lead the session had I not been the only person decided that we should sit outside and talk instead of going back into the service (once you’ve been dismissed in front of the entire congregation, you cannot just go back in and sit down.) We laughed about the miscommunication and my complete inability to make coherent sentences in front of strangers (I hate small talk). Blah blah blah…long story short the woman also works in the special ed field, Adaptive Behavior Analysis, with students diagnosed with Autism. She heads the parent group at Holy Family for parents with children who have Autism. Apparenlty–which actually should come as a big fucking NO DUH! to me but did not– despite being a diverse and wealthy congregation, parents who have children with special needs are incredibly marginalized. She is looking to find a way to differentiate lessons in the preschool ministry and other areas where there is a large child population. These groups are led by parents, who, of course, are not special ed teachers and should not be expected to act as such. Hell, there is a great difficulty in getting the general ed teachers at Franklin to get on board the differentiation train. Anyway, I told her once she gets things up and rolling I would be interested in helping her out. I have an oppurtunity to network (her and her husband work in the special ed sector outside of the realm of teaching) and an oppurtunity to learn, and an oppurtunity to help.

Jebus…all this talk about NYE and church have totally taken me off my reason for posting. I finally opened up the fall 2005 alumni edition of Seattle University Magazine. Flipping through it, I felt like everything was super dated—most of the events having taken place in August (this was before I realized that I was reading the Fall 2005 edition). Anyway, I flip to the back for Alumni updates and who should be featured in the IN MEMORIAM section: Sean Reid. Sean was this guy that I knew around at SU, he was a year behind me, but was doing kick ass things on campus. Anyway, apparently he died at age 23 from complications with cancer. Apparently in the fall of ’03 he had a tumor the size of a baseball removed from behind his heart (I swear to you, that is exactly what was printed). Sean lived an amazing life before his death. Like this cat accomplished alot of things in such a short span of time. I was as equally blown away by his accomplishments as I was by his death. It-his life- is quite inspiring. I’m glad that I at least got to run in the same circles as him.

Cheers to creating life. Happy New Year.


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